At iSUP Samui we use premium quality inflatable SUP boards from Starboard.

For the novice or casual paddler we recommend the Starboard Astro Atlas or Blend boards which are perfect for learning to SUP as they are wide, stable and easy to use.

For the athletic student or experienced paddler we recommend the Starboard 12’6 Astro Touring boards, which are perfect for exploring the island and provide excellent tracking and glide.

All inflatable boards have the following benefits when compared to solid boards;

  • They are forgiving and have less risk of injury to the user
  • They are robust and able to withstand impacts without damage
  • They are light and easy to transport

iSUP Samui is proud to be associated with Starboard – who have been building boards for world champions and newcomers to the sport for over 20 years. The Starboard Astro inflatable range of boards were originally designed for travel and easy storage and have evolved into performance products. Their proven range of Astro Touring boards allows people of all ages and abilities to explore the world like never before.